Neon Jungle on drama with boys

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  • 23 June 2014
Neon Jungle

Neon Jungle

Neon Jungle often struggle to figure out boys and hate it when boys play hard to get. The band have also released their new single 'Louder' and have plans to break America

Neon Jungle hate it when boys play hard to get.

The 'Louder' band, who get plenty of attention from the opposite sex, still have "grumbles" about boys just like other young girls who aren't famous.

Speaking at the Blinkbox Music UK Live festival in Sunderland on Saturday (21.06.14), band member Asami Zdrenka said: "I've got a good grumble about boys. Why do boys text you and seem interested, stop texting you and then suddenly reappear seeming interested again and then do the same thing over and over..?"

Bandmate Jessica Plummer is equally as confused by men and said: "I hate it when they play the crazy card. Call me a b**ch before you call me crazy. That is like the most annoying thing in the whole world, I don't like it."

Meanwhile, the band, also made up of Shereen Cutkelvin and Amira McCarthy, have just released their new single Louder and pleased with the song.

Jessica said: "I love it when the last chorus kicks in and the crowd are going, "Grrr rock on" and I didn't even know this was a rock song! It's like [we become] Eminem, you know the rapper."

Taking about their plans to break America, Jess also said: "Our EP came out a few days ago and we recently got signed and we will be releasing an American album soon.

"It's very versatile, there are tracks that are very different from each other, and you will see different sides of all of us and Neon Jungle as a band."

Upcoming dates for Blinkbox Music UK Live are Saturday, June 28 in Ipswich at Chantry Park and Sunday, June 29 on Weston-super-Mare beach.

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