Brendan O'Carroll to buy stake in David Beckham's soccer team

'Mrs. Brown's Boys' actor Brendan O'Carroll has revealed he intends to buy a stake in David Beckham's Miami soccer franchise, as he now lives in Florida and they would be his local team

Brendan O'Carroll

Brendan O'Carroll

'Mrs. Brown's Boys' star Brendan O'Carroll is hoping to buy a stake in David Beckham's soccer franchise.

The British TV star is a big fan of the sport and lives in Florida - where the legend's new club will be based - and he is keen to support his soon-to-be local team.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I'm hoping to buy into it. I'd love the US to do well at soccer as it would be so good for the game.

"It used to be a girls' game in America, but interest in soccer has really grown."

However, Brendan - who is worth £8 million - has ruled out a comedy collaboration with David, insisting he just isn't "funny" enough.

He said: "Beckham is not really funny."

Earlier this year, the comedy actor blasted his own critics, describing them a "donkey" rather than a "racehorse".

He ranted: "F**k them! I do respect critics. I know they've got a job to do, but they'll always be a donkey telling the racehorse how he should have won the race.

"If they want to be a racehorse, run the race! Anyone can criticise me all they like, but as long as they write [about it], f**k off."


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