Countdown to T in the Park 2014: 10 facts about Scotland's biggest music festival

Countdown to T in the Park 2014: 10 facts about Scotland's biggest music festival

Biffy Clyro / Photo: Peter Kaminski

Featuring Biffy Clyro, Pharrell, The Human League and Earl Sweatshirt

Biffy Clyro have performed TEN times at T in the Park, making them the band with the most appearances. This is the first time the Biff are headlining but they first played as an unsigned band on the T Break stage in 1999.

Pharrell wrote his number 1 hit ‘Happy’ NINE times before he was, well, happy with it. Once satisfied, he declared it ‘probably the best song I’ve written in my life’.

EIGHT is the number of songs off Calvin Harris’ album, 18 Months, that went to number 1 last year, making him, much like Roy Castle, a record breaker (the previous record holder was Michael Jackson, with seven from Dangerous).

More than SEVEN thousand staff work on making T in the Park come together.

A SIX-person tent is the smallest venue the festival has seen. In 2010, Kassidy performed an exclusive acoustic set for 14 competition winners.

During the weekend, T in the Park becomes Scotland’s FIFTH largest town.

The Human League, who are making their T debut this year, saw their 1981 hit, ‘Don’t You Want Me’ make it to number FOUR on the iTunes chart after a social media campaign by Aberdeen FC.

Over the THREE days T in the Park runs, the festival is host to 85,000 people per day.

In 2004, the festival had the world’s longest urinal – 676 feet long, approximately the length of TWO football pitches.

The festival’s new late license means that the live music will be going on till ONE am – which is allowing Pharrell Williams to perform since he refused to perform while it was still light.

Bonus tidbits

● Things Earl Sweatshirt thinks are overrated*: ‘Living to 100. I don’t want to live to 100. You can’t be not gross if you live to 100. Game of Thrones – overrated. I watched one episode with my girlfriend. The acting is like porn acting. And hummus. Fuck hummus. Overrated.’
*According to a recent Pitchfork interview.

● It is not all about the music: Robbie Williams turned up to the first T – not to sing, but to play football. Dizzee Rascal and Snoop Dogg played crazy golf and basketball before going on in 2005, while Nicole Appleton challenged Bobby Gillespie to a dance-off in the same year.

● Under the radar: Paolo Nutini performed to surprised fans on the T Break stage in 2008 under the name Snake Derrick. In 1996, Joe Strummer busked in the campsite.

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T in the Park

From relatively humble beginnings, T in the Park has become the acknowledged behemoth of the Scottish festival scene and one of the UK's largest events. In 2015 the festival moved from its longstanding Balado location to the new grounds of Strathallan Castle in Perthshire. Bands appearing in 2016 include The Stone Roses…