Tom Pearce breaks toe in Marbella

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  • 19 June 2014
Tom Pearce

Tom Pearce

Several of the 'TOWIE' stars returned home worse for wear after filming 'The Only Way is Marbs' in Marbella as Tom Pearce broke his toe and Charlie and Chloe Sims came down with bronchitis

Tom Pearce suffered a broken toe in Marbella.

Several stars of 'The Only Way is Essex' returned home worse for wear after a week of hard-partying while shooting the upcoming sunny special, 'The Only Way is Marbs'.

Tom was seen by doctors for a suspected broken toe after fooling around during a photoshoot, while co-stars Chloe and Charlie Sims both came down with bronchitis.

Charlie appears to have passed the illness - which affects the airways of the lungs - on to his sister, who had to miss two days of filming as a result.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Charlie was the first one to be struck down, after getting bronchitis which he then passed on to his sister.

"Charlie wasn't too bad but Chloe was and had to be taken to a private clinic after it was feared it could turn into pneumonia.

"Tom only had himself to blame for his toe injury after mucking about during a shoot, trying to wrestle the other lads to the ground."

Chloe had her fair share of drama in Marbella as she clashed with brother Charlie's girlfriend Ferne McCann over claims she cheated on her sibling, and even threw a bag at the reality star's head.

The source added: "Chloe got really stressed about her run-in with Ferne after telling her she wasn't well, but all Ferne could say was that she should eat more. That's when Chloe threw her bag at her."

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