Corrie's Rob and Peter come to blows

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  • 19 June 2014
Corrie's Rob and Peter

Corrie's Rob and Peter

'Coronation Street' bad boys Rob Donovan and Peter Barlow will come to blows at Tina McIntyre's funeral next week as Rob is determined to protect his sister, Peter's wife Carla

'Coronation Street's' Rob Donovan and Peter Barlow are set for a big showdown at Tina McIntyre's funeral next week.

The soap villains will come to blows on Monday (23.06.14) when a drunken Peter - played by Chris Gascoyne - turns up to Tina's wake and tries to talk to his estranged wife, Rob's sister Carla (Alison King).

Carla and Rob (Marc Baylis) are reeling from the revelation that Peter had an affair with Tina before she was killed by Rob last month and is determined to keep him away from his sister.

Marc told Inside Soap magazine: "Rob has promised Carla that he'll be there for her, especially since she has lost [her and Peter's] baby. Rob hates Peter - he thinks he's a loser and blames him for everything that happened. He never felt he was good enough for Carla."

While Rob pushed Tina off a balcony and later finished the job by hitting her over the head with a metal pipe, Peter is the main suspect in the barmaid's murder due to their tempestuous affair.

Evil Rob is now eager to pin the crime on Peter at all costs.

Marc said: "He wants Peter arrested and charged with killing Tina. He knows Peter is already the main suspect in the murder investigation and once the police have got their man, the pressure will be off.

"It's totally justified in his mind. He genuinely feels that although Peter didn't commit the actual murder, if he hadn't had the affair and started drinking again, Tina wouldn't be dead."

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