Hush Hour event invites people to disconnect from social media

Hush Hour

Monthly night at the Lucky Liquor Co invites people to disconnect from social media for an evening

The concept is simple, elegant and somewhat unusual in this climate of hyperconnectivity: all you need to do to be part of Hush Hour is to bring along a book and the desire to read it. The lush cocktails served at Lucky Liquor Co are an optional (and enjoyable) extra.

Readers are invited to settle down with a good story and switch off, as co-organiser Blythe Robertson explains: ‘In the social media-obsessed world, in which I'm as complicit as anyone, it's surprisingly liberating to disconnect for a little while and fill that time with something as emotionally rewarding as reading.’

A tweet about a similar night in Seattle left Blythe feeling inspired and when he was introduced to Edinburgh-based writer Kaite Welsh, who was also enamoured with the concept, a new night was born.

The duo settled on Lucky Liquor Co on Queen Street as a venue and launched the concept in May. As well as providing a convivial atmosphere and an enjoyable evening out, readers are also left with plenty of inspiration for their book bags. As Kaite says, ‘It also means I can read over lots of people's shoulders – the first event left me with a lot of book envy!"

Held on the second Tuesday of every month, Hush Hour is a quiet but companionable haven for book lovers of all genres, shapes and sizes.

Lucky Liquor Co, Edinburgh, Tue 8 Jul.

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