Robin Ince prepares to take you In and Out of His Mind

Robin Ince prepares to take you In and Out of His Mind

The comedy boffin is pals with Brian Cox, has a TED talk under his belt and loves Rik Mayall

Long considered one of the cornerstone British comics you turn to when you want your brain nudged as well as your funnybone tickled, Robin Ince is back in town with a show entitled In and Out of His Mind. For this touring work, the former showbiz sparring partner of Ricky Gervais and Jimmy Carr ‘looks at the last 100 years of psychiatry, psychology and skewiff brain dabblings’. That invite from Jongleurs has yet to arrive.

If you want any further evidence of his intellectual credentials, check his website’s homepage, for there he is snuggling up to Prof Brian Cox (twice). He has, of course, conducted a TED talk and once upon a time came up with the idea of a Bad Book Club.

Still, despite all that mind-challenging nonsense, Ince is not immune to the joys of the daft. Why else would he have picked the late, great Rik Mayall as his comedy hero when we raised that subject with him way back in 2006. ‘If you look at what he created in the early 80s, the manic intensity of his performances is just phenomenal,’ mused Ince. ‘Manic intensity’ is not something you will read in reviews of shows such as Happiness Through Science or The Importance of Being Interested.

And on a science festival panel in 2012 for an event called ‘Humour Me’, he laughed like a crazy drain at footage of Mayall slipping on merde de chien in More Bad News. Whatever you think of Robin Ince, he clearly has exquisite comedy taste.

The Stand, Edinburgh, Sun 22 Jun; The Stand, Glasgow, Mon 23 Jun.

Robin Ince: In and Out of his Mind

Ince takes another dabble into self consciousness in this part-comedy, part-lecture stand-up show.

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