Club night Zone aims to connect the dots between dance and extreme experimental music

Club night Zone aims to connect the dots between dance and extreme experimental music

Andy Stott

Co-founder Toby Ridler talks about the club and booking Andy Stott as its first guest

Darkness is afoot. Music collective and soon-to-be record label Zone is all about the heavier side of dance music – experimental electronics, the harder edge of techno, and the drones and pitch black aural blanket of noise – and now they’re taking that sound to the club floor, launching a bi-monthly residency at the Art School that promises to sit somewhere between an electronic ritual and a pitch black dungeon rave.

Co-founder Toby Ridler (Becoming Real / Circulation of Oil / Mourn) elaborates on just what to expect.

What inspired you to start the night?
I came up with Zone with a friend back in London but couldn't find any other like minded folk, so when I moved to Glasgow and met Vickie [McDonald – Divorce / Mourn], her band had just finished so we decided to team up and get shit done.

What sort of music should we expect?
140bpm techno, doomy noise, extreme computer music and anything in between; basically, anything with a love of abusing electronics, and wanting to do something new.

Were you inspired by any other club nights?
Probably loads – but really, the inspiration came from seeing dance and extreme experimental music getting less and less indistinguishable and wanting to join up the dots.

What sort of crowd are you aiming to entice in?
Mainly dog owners … mainly. But also people who want to go clubbing and don't mind the music stretching into weirder territories, where kick drums morph into sheets of noise and back again.

Why Andy Stott as your first guest?
He was always at the top of the list, mainly because he's just the master of mixing slo-mo techno rhythms cloaked in a kind of spectral, ever-shifting drone, like all the synths and textures sound like they've been sampled from medieval times.

Describe the night in three words.
Noise. Rhythm. Ritual.

Andy Stott plays Zone at the Art School, Glasgow, Fri 20 Jun.

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