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Brian Dempster

Brian Dempster

Introducing the best new nights in town.

This month: Satisfied

Residents Brett King and Brian Dempster (pictured), whose combined CV includes most of Edinburgh’s most respected gay and house nights.

Guests None at the moment, although the pair won’t rule out local guests in future. ‘We do owe a few favours to certain promoters and DJs who have helped us out over the years,’ they say.

Music policy Progressive, uplifting house, with some dirty, tribal trance beats and a few classics thrown in for good measure.

What they say ‘Brett and I have known each other since childhood,’ says Dempster. ‘I used to run a club out near Dalkeith called The Canteen, then my first residency was in the backroom at Wilkie House’s Luvely, before I graduated to Alan Joy’s Mingin’ at the Venue. I was one of the residents there for eight years. Brett started out at house nights in the Vaults, before Maggie and Alan from Joy offered him a residency there. So we’re inspired by the great Edinburgh clubs we’ve already played at, which are no longer with us, as well as clubs like Taste. Brett and I both have friends who are gay and straight, so we’re hoping to cater just as well as these nights to a mixed clientele who like to party.’

What we say With the sad news that Edinburgh’s Sunday night institution Taste has just shut up shop, that leaves its monthly offshoot Fever and Luvely as the city’s only musically credible option for a gay-friendly crowd. Time was, though, that clubs like Joy and Mingin’ offered the city’s gay scene much more than predictable chart and party action; with their pedigree, the Satisfied boys will hopefully help redress the balance. (David Pollock)

Ego, Edinburgh, Sat 9 Feb.


Prog house with 'a trancy twist' from Brian Dempster and Brett King who have shown us their talents through the years at Mingin', Joy, Luvely, Tokyoblu and many more, joined by special guest David Myers.

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