Loop - SWG3, Glasgow, Mon 2 Jun 2014 (3 stars)

Loop - SWG3, Glasgow, Mon 2 Jun 2014

Photo: Alex Woodward

Robert Hampson's psych rock posse opt for a no-frills, some-thrills presentation

Loop were never the biggest noise back in the day (metaphorically speaking, that is – literally speaking, they were a pretty damn mountainous noise), but their hypnotic psychedelic riffola blew enough brains at the time – remember that gig at Glasgow Tech? Me neither – to ensure a strong turn-out of the faithful for their reunion.

This was a no-frills, some-thrills presentation, with none of the disorientating projections and smokescreens of old, not even a fringe to hide behind when a succession of technical problems interrupted the flow of the show and put paid to the band’s aloof mystique as silver fox frontman Robert Hampson became politely pissed off by the frustrating turn of events.

The upshot for the fans was no blissed-out encore cover of Can’s ‘Mother Sky’. But there could be few complaints about what they did dispatch before throwing the towel in. Always more grind than their closest contemporaries Spacemen 3 or My Bloody Valentine, there was a controlled power to the compulsive, propulsive ‘Collision’ and the staccato industrial crunch of ‘Arc-Lite’, while Hampson allowed himself the indulgence of some choice psych guitar wrangling over the inexorable rhythm of ‘Straight To Your Heart’.

LOOP, SWG3, Glasgow, June 2014

Loop and Godflesh

Double headline show of extreme experimental industrial and psychedelic-influenced alternative rock.

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