Charlie Simpson didn't speak to Busted for 'long time'

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  • 12 June 2014
Charlie Simpson

Charlie Simpson

Charlie Simpson has confessed that when he left Busted to front rock band Fightstar he didn't keep in touch with former bandmates Matt Willis and James Bourne and only spoke to them for the first time in "six or seven years" last year

Charlie Simpson didn't talk to his former Busted bandmates for "six or seven years".

The 29-year-old star left Busted in 2005 to become the frontman for alternative rock band Fightstar, and he's now admitted that despite having four successful years with bandmates Matt Willis and James Bourne, he didn't keep in touch with them.

Quizzed about his relationship with the pair - who have now joined forces with McFly to create super-group McBusted - he said: "There was never any animosity between me and Matt and James. They are obviously doing this super-group thing now and I'm really happy for them.

"I hadn't spoken to them for a long time, about six or seven years and they rang me and told me they wanted to do that and we're kind of speaking again now, which is really nice, and almost rebuilding our relationship."

Despite failing to keep in touch with his former bandmates, the 'Year 3000' hitmaker - who is now pursuing a solo career - has confessed he doesn't regret his time in the boy band.

Speaking on UK TV show 'Lorraine', he said: "It does feel like a lifetime ago. It was a fun time."


Fans of early-noughties fresh-faced pop punk – hold onto your hats. Busted and McFly are only merging together to create probably the most inoffensive supergroup ever.

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