Emmerdale's Sam Giles embarrassed by cougar storyline

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  • 11 June 2014
Kevin Fletcher and Sam Giles

Kevin Fletcher and Sam Giles

'Emmerdale' star Sam Giles admits she felt "embarrassed" when she discovered she'd be playing a cougar and have to seduce Andy Sugden

'Emmerdale' star Sam Giles admits she felt "embarrassed" when she discovered she'd be playing a cougar.

The 42-year-old actress, who plays beautician Bernice, is set to seduce Andy Sugden, 30, in the ITV soap, played by Kevin Fletcher, and insists it wasn't easy filming a scene where the pair kiss and are interrupted by the villagers during a guided tour of her new salon, Beauty & Bernice.

Sam told The Sun newspaper: "Afterwards Kelvin looked shell-shocked. Most actors get anxious about kissing scenes.

"You're working with people all the time so when you've suddenly got to kiss them you think, 'God!'

"When I started in 'Emmerdale' before, he was a young lad, a teenager I guess, and I couldn't get that image out of my head.

"Poor Kelvin. I'm sure he can think of people he'd rather kiss."

Sam admits she's nervous to ask Kevin if he enjoyed filming the scenes because she's worried he will say he felt uncomfortable.

She said: "But you can't be embarrassed at the time, you just have to get on with it. And comedy is my first love and I'm happy that I'm doing so much of it."

During the hilarious scene, Bernice is seen kissing a shirtless Andy and grabbing his bottom, before he dashes off when the villagers walk in.

And although he later apologies for his reaction, Bernice doesn't let him off lightly.

Sam said: "Bernice pretends that she's accepted his apology and says she'll give him a massage.

"During it she waxes the back of his leg. I actually had to do it, but Kelvin said it didn't hurt much so I must've done it right."

It's the second time Sam has been a part of the 'Emmerdale' cast after joining the show in 1998, she left four years later and then returned after ten years in 2012.

She admits: "It was tricky. Bernice is like an old friend in a way, but when I first came back I did find it quite difficult to find her again.

"But she evolved and the writers are writing brilliantly for her.

"I'm really enjoying what they're doing with my character and I feel very lucky to be working."

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