A potted guide to Demdike Stare

A potted guide to Demdike Stare

Manchester electronic duo Sean Canty and Miles Whittaker bring dark visuals and tense soundtracks

How unfashionable. Mancunian dark-electronic duo Demdike Stare hate feelgood music. In fact, they’d much rather steer their music in a malevolent, unsettling but ultimately mesmerising direction. Their previous releases (a clutch of around ten anxiety-making, drone and beat-driven records on Modern Love records, starting with Symbiosis in 2009, and more recently Test Pressing 1, 2 and 3) or live DJ sets for the likes of Boiler Room or Primavera festival, are much more interested in pushing other buttons than the feelgood ones. The same ones that might be pushed by a claustrophic horror film, a dark Chicago house set, or even a pensive Arthur Russell record, for example.

Producers Sean Canty and Miles Whittaker are both fiendish collectors of rare films and vinyl, trawling Giallo horror, Detroit techno, African tribalism, Eastern mysticism, 90s hip hop, American jazz and Turkish psych for inspiration, so expect a dazzlingly doomy symbiosis of sound and vision for their two Scottish dates, where they will perform in front of a giant screen of creepy projections.

Demdike Stare & Nate Young play the Mash House, Edinburgh, Fri 13 Jun, and the Art School, Glasgow, Sat 14 Jun.

Demdike Stare live in the Boiler Room

Demdike Stare & Nate Young

Double experimental music line up with Demdike State playing sounds inspired by everything from industrial music to free jazz to house and Nate Young (founding member of Detroit band Wolf Eyes) performing his unquiet blend of avant-garde electronics and trip metal.

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