Flash Fiction: The Eejit Pit by Jenny Lindsay

Flash Fiction: The Eejit Pit by Jenny Lindsay

A poem from one half of spoken wordsters Rally & Broad

Jaggy, numpty mooth –
Wheesht wi yer chitter!
The nicht wiz sair an’ jiggered;
Noo, a thrang ae claes
Drapt oan the eejit pit …

Oor fear kist awa’
Wi carry-oot,
(Braw shoogle?)
Maun noo,
Fair morn isnae close.

Jenny Lindsay is the featured poet at Inky Fingers, The Forest Café, Edinburgh, Tue 17 Jun.Rally & Broad takes place at The Counting House, Edinburgh, Fri 20 Jun and the Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Wed 25 Jun.

Inky Fingers Open Mic

Open mic for literature and spoken word lovers. Email ahead for a chance to perform, or just watch and admire.

Rally & Broad

A literary-flavoured cabaret night, boasting spoken word, 'live literature', new music and dancing into the wee small hours. Hosted by Jenny Lindsay and Rachel McCrum.

Ten at Ten - Babble On Special

For a unique Ten at Ten, join Edinburgh poet Jenny Lindsay for a special Spoken Word provocation to launch today’s Babble On events.

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