Letitia Dean: Sharon hospital scenes 'liberating'

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  • 10 June 2014
EastEnders' Sharon in hospital

EastEnders' Sharon in hospital

'EastEnders' star Letitia Dean says she found it liberating to wear no make-up and lie in a hospital bed after her character Sharon Rickman is attacked in a violent assault

'EastEnders' star Letitia Dean found it "liberating" filming her upcoming hospital scenes.

The soap star's alter-ego Sharon Rickman will be left fighting for her life next week after a vicious attack while closing her bar, The Albert, but Letitia admits it was a nice change of pace to be confined to a hospital bed for several episodes.

She said: "It was really nice as I had a lovely comfortable bed - it was really relaxing. It was also quite liberating; it's nice having no make-up. I loved it.

"It's hard to stop your eyes flickering and the tube thing was a bit weird, but I did get my blood pressure taken every scene which was lovely."

The 46-year-old star says there is a real danger that Sharon may not survive the attack as she battles for her life in hospital.

Letitia warned: "She's lifeless on the floor when Johnny [Carter, Sharon's employee] finds her and calls the ambulance. Sharon gets rushed into hospital and it's very serious."

But even in the midst of the attack, Sharon tries to fight back by hitting one of her assailants over the head with a glass bottle, and Letitia loves portraying her character's feisty spirit.

She added: "It's very Sharon. She grabs a wine bottle and she whacks one of the thugs in the head, but gets grabbed from behind and is thrown down. But you know, she makes a good effort."

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