Collabro surprised by mature female fans

'Britain's Got Talent' winners Collabro keep getting sent naked pictures by mature female fans


This article is from 2014.



Collabro get sent naked pictures from older women.

The 'Britain's Got Talent' winners have been inundated with raunchy pictures and messages by middle-aged housewives and are grateful to have inspired such passion among a more "mature" fanbase.

Jamie Lambert, the operatic boy band's frontman, told The Sun newspaper: "They're not so much girl fans as older women fans. We've had a few lingerie pictures - a lot of them are from, er, mature women. We applaud them for their confidence.

"We were just a bit surprised when it started happening ... we were like, 'Bloody hell, have you seen this?' It's very surreal. It's weird when you're on the tube looking at your notifications and a naked picture comes up and you're like, 'Oh!' "

The five friends scored over a quarter of the votes on Saturday night (07.06.14) and were shocked to discover they were more popular than Bars and Melody, Lucy Kay and Paddy & Nico.

Jamie added: "We got the percentages through on the night. We got over a quarter of the votes which is incredible when there are 11 acts."

Collabro are meeting with 'BGT' boss Simon Cowell this week to discuss a potential record deal with his Syco label

Matt Pagan added: "One Direction really established themselves as the kind of band they wanted to be. Simon said that's what he liked about us - that we've chosen musical theatre and we're sticking with it."

This article is from 2014.


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