Amy Childs: Expect major Big Brother twists

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 5 June 2014
Amy Childs

Amy Childs

Amy Childs says her friend Rylan Clark has told her to expect lots of "big twists" on 'Big Brother: Power Trip'

Amy Childs says there are going to be lots of "big twists" on 'Big Brother: Power Trip'.

The 23-year-old star has got the lowdown on what life is going to be like for the contestants when the new series kicks off tonight (05.06.14) from her friend Rylan Clark - who fronts spin-off show 'Bit On the Side'.

Amy insists the housemates better be prepared for Big Brother making their lives very difficult.

She told BANG Showbiz: "I spoke to Rylan about it, me and Rylan are really good friends and he was telling me all about the new house, they're is going to be a lot of twists with it. I've heard there is going to be a lot of big twists in the house so it's going to be exciting ... I'm looking forward to it."

Amy appeared in the 2011 series of 'Celebrity Big Brother' and she has a couple of tips for the housemates on how they can survive the drama of the house.

She revealed: "I loved doing 'Big Brother' it was a major part of my life. It was so fun, I did it with Jedward, enough said ... I was such a big fan but it's so different when you go into the house ... I got quite emotional in the house, but because I think I am quite a strong person I was able to stay strong. My advice is to just be yourself."

'Big Brother: Power Trip' begins tonight at 9pm on Channel 5 with a live show hosted by Emma Willis.

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