John Talabot set for date at Glasgow's Subculture

John Talabot set for date at Glasgow's Subculture

Barcelona producer and DJ continues to grow reputation with further live dates

Barcelona’s John Talabot has told the story of his very earliest days in music, when he was just transitioning from a love of atmospheric guitar music like Joy Division to soaking up the sounds of Jeff Mills, Aphex Twin and the stables of Warp and Rephlex. In those pre-internet days, he says, he would go to clubs with notebook and pen in hand, tap on the side of the booth and collect details of every track he liked from the DJ who was playing – which only serves to illustrate that he’s put the graft in to get to this point.

The ‘point’ he’s at being that rarefied position where he’s familiar enough that everyone’s talking about him but not over-exposed to the point that people feel wearied by a unique production style which he’s made his own. Born Oriol Riverola (which many would think a stylish enough name to adopt as their own alias) and formerly a recording artist under the name D.A.R.Y.L., Talabot broke through in 2010 with the disco-flavoured summer hit Sunshine on his own Hivern Discs label and received rave reviews for 2012 debut album Fin on Permanent Vacation.

Since then Talabot’s recorded output has been minimal, the two new productions on last year’s DJ-Kicks compilation being the highlight. Yet his influence has only grown in pace as his touring work has intensified, on the back of a recorded history which has so far done no less than reinvent and reinvigorate the Balearic sound for the 2010s, fusing sun-kissed summer grooves to a deep understanding of disco, acid and Chicago styles.

Subculture at Sub Club, Glasgow, Sat 21 Jun.

John Talabot - Sunshine (Original mix)


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