Louise Thompson won't have relationships filmed for TV

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  • 4 June 2014
Louise Thompson

Louise Thompson

Made in Chelsea's Louise Thompson insists she won't have future relationships aired on the show and she's learned to be more cautious

Louise Thompson wouldn't allow another of her relationships to be shown on 'Made in Chelsea'.

The brunette beauty previously dated co-stars Andy Jordan, Spencer Matthews and Jaime Laing on the reality show but she's more cautious about airing her romances on the small screen since it puts pressure on it now.

She explained to Star magazine: "I'm cautious abut dating people on the show or in the public eye, as it's a risk. I find it harder to trust people now. If I like someone, I probably wouldn't bring them on the show. And if they wanted to be on it, I probably wouldn't go near them!"

Louise, 24, has learned a lot from her previous romances and they've helped her work out what she wants in future relationships.

Talking about looking back on her time with the show's lothario, Spencer, she added: "I laugh at the entire thing. I think, 'God, what an utter waste of time!' But with each relationship you learn what you don't want from the next. With my next one I'll be very particular. Although I've been through way too many - I'm only 24!"

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