Exposure: Bad Aura - Glasgow noise-rock act

Exposure: Bad Aura - Glasgow noise-rock act

Short-lived purveyors of caustic, febrile noise-rock, featuring members of Vom, Moon Unit and Pyramidion

Bad Aura are not long for this world – at least not in their current form. These purveyors of maladroit, caustic, febrile noise-rock, featuring members of Vom, Moon Unit and Pyramidion (guitarist Chas Lalli, bassist Duncan Young, drummer Ruaraidh Sanachan and singer Tuukka Asplund), only manifested for the first time in March, but feral throat-wielder Tuukka is already heading to sunnier climes, moving to Trinidad this summer. Mayfly-esque they may be, yet already Bad Aura Mark 1 have squeezed in several impudent gigs and released a feisty cassette.

Chas fills us in.

How would you describe the Bad Aura sound?

I think that’s your job. But for the record, we aim to sound like a hungover trudge to Greggs on a wet Sunday. I’ve heard that shit sells.

How much is improvised?

Most of it’s planned. The guitar solos are improvised because I can’t be arsed learning properly and I couldn’t remember it anyway.

With Tuukka’s departure, is it over already?

I’m not planning on it being the end of the band. As long as anyone left is still into it, we’ll keep going. We are going to have to find another singer though. We might have an open-mic night if we don’t find anyone soon. Come down and try out if you’re feeling lucky, punk.

Does existing only for a brief period affect how you do things?

There’s a certain urgency in terms of getting a recording out really quickly, but that might have been the case anyway. Better to get things out there and move on.

Is there beauty in impermanence?

If there is, we’ll probably be around for forever.

Bad Aura play The 13th Note, Glasgow, Sat 26 Jul

Stream their new album on YouTube or to buy it on cassette via badauraband@gmail.com

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