Matt Edmondson can't cope with Twitter abuse

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  • 3 June 2014
Matt Edmondson

Matt Edmondson

Matt Edmondson has confessed he has to avoid searching for his own name online because he can't cope with any negative comments

Matt Edmondson has slammed Twitter bullies for their bad "etiquette".

The BBC Radio 1 host has admitted that when he first joined the social networking site he liked to see what people were saying about him by searching for his own name, but claims he's now started to avoid it because he can't cope with the negative comments.

Quizzed on whether he searches for himself on Twitter, he exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I think you can get a bit over sensitive if you search your own name because there could be hundreds of positive things but you automatically zone in on the negative remarks and think, 'Why would that person say that?'"

The 28-year-old presenter confessed that while he's stopped searching for his own name, he still reads comments people send to him directly and insists it's rude when people write things that they wouldn't say to his face.

He said: "If someone @ replies me then I'm obviously going to see that and I think that it's bad Twitter etiquette if you say something horrible then.

"I'd rather you just didn't @ reply. It's the same as if you saw me in a café. Would you be happy to come over and tell me that you think I'm a bellend? If you would then that's fine but otherwise you should just write, 'I think Matt Edmondson is a bellend', without messaging me directly."

The 'Fake Reaction' host is preparing to present a new show named 'TV OD', which will see him discuss people's opinions on the latest TV programmes, as well as confront celebrity guests with comments viewers have made about them on social media, and he admits that while he avoids reading negative messages, he does love social networking.

He added: "Twitter makes TV so much more fun because it's like inviting loads of really cool people around to your house to watch tele with you."

'TV OD' will air on Thursday June 5 on ITV2.

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