Dolly Parton wants movie challenge

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  • 31 May 2014
Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton would love the chance to show she can be a credible actress in a serious role

Dolly Parton wants a challenging film role.

Despite her lengthy career, the 68-year-old country music legend admits there is still one thing she is yet to achieve - appearing on the big screen in a credible part.

After several cameo appearances in movies including '9 to 5', 'Rhinestone' and 'Miss Congeniality 2', Dolly feels ready to strip off the rhinestones, denim and big hair and make-up which have become her trademarks and tackle a serious character.

She said: "I would someday love to find a really great role in a movie. One where I didn't wear the nails, the high heels, the make-up. I would love to play a part that was worth tearing all that stuff away for.

"Something really, really good where I could really show - or see - that I could be a good actress. Most of the roles I play now are pretty much a version of my real self, but I think I could do some really serious acting with a great director."

However, Dolly admits she would find it tough toning it down for a part because her image has been such a huge part of her identity since she burst onto the scene in 1965.

She added to Attitude magazine: "I would not be comfortable. But if the role was good enough, I'd be willing to do that. To play something so different that it would begin to make sense. I'd be able to get comfortable with it."

Dolly Parton

The leading lady of country with the phenomenal voice and impeccable songwriting performs evergreen favourites – and perhaps even a rap or two – on her Blue Smoke World Tour.

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