Play - Super Mario Galaxy (5 stars)

Super Mario Galaxy



Richard Dawkins, Oxford University’s Chair for the Public Understanding of Science, believes humanity’s ability to understand the world is limited by its interaction. Because of our size, our lifespan, the pace at which our lives move, we struggle to imagine anything that exists beyond these limits.

The latest Mario leap-fest is so far outside the norm that it has to be experienced to be understood. A central hub links galaxies that must be traversed for Mario to collect stars and rescue Princess Peach. Enter a galaxy, however, and all structure is jettisoned. Down is up, walking is swimming, small becomes gigantic, and just when you get your head round what’s going on, along comes a comet and everything changes again. This is the gaming equivalent of Quantum Mechanics. To paraphrase physicist Richard Feynman, if you think you understand Super Mario Galaxy, you don’t understand Super Mario Galaxy. Genius.

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