Play - Crysis (4 stars)




Did Santa bring you a nice new shiny computer? Is it so powerful you need your own wind farm to run it? Let’s hope so because Crysis demands it. Actually, that’s not fair. The new shooter from the Far Cry team is perfectly playable on a normal machine. You’ll enjoy the near future story of a few brave men, aided by some ridiculously powerful combat technology, as they battle enemies human and alien. You’ll enjoy the challenge of the fantastic intelligence displayed by these enemies and you’ll certainly enjoy the endless upgrading of armour and weaponry. There is the very real possibility that you’ll enjoy the excellent online multiplayer, and even end up making your own maps with the sublime sandbox editor. Indeed, the only thing you won’t enjoy is the full Crysis visual experience. Pushing the envelope of what a home computer can currently achieve, this is as bleeding edge as graphics get. So let’s hope you stayed off Santa’s ‘naughty’ list this year.

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