Play - Guitar Hero III (3 stars)

Guitar Hero III


XBOX 360/PS3/PS2

Guitar Hero is always a joy. As a party game it is unsurpassed, producing some of the silliest sights you’ll ever see. The game’s perfectly pitched balance of piss-take and rock reverence always delights while the simplicity and obviousness of both controller and gameplay make it accessible for all. However it is here that GH III hits a slight bum note. The connection between the notes you are requested to play and the actual music is sometimes awry, dragging the game down to a simple reaction test that could be played mute. Add to this some inconsistencies in the gameplay and frustration rears its ugly head. Which is a shame as, when the riffs match the onscreen notes and the whole world is watching, Guitar Hero III is as stupidly enjoyable and sense-blowingly exhilarating as a Slayer moshpit. But the question is: if you don’t have GH III already are you just going to save your pennies for Rock Band instead?

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