Kings of Leon won't be ageing rockers

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  • 27 May 2014
Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill

Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill

Kings of Leon have no plans to still be touring when they're old and want to be relaxing on a yacht instead

Kings of Leon want to quit before they get too old.

The 'Use Somebody' rockers have no intention of still making music when they're grey and wrinkly and intend to put the rock 'n' roll lifestyle firmly behind them so they can reap its rewards.

Quizzed whether they'd like to have the same longevity as The Rolling Stones, lead singer Caleb Followill laughed: "I hope not! Maybe if you're playing a gig here and there, but I don't see us going on a big tour at that age."

Nathan Followill quipped: "We would be very lucky to last that long. That would be awesome if we could. We would much rather be on a yacht somewhere!"

The band, who were forced to take a year out in 2011 due to exhaustion, are hoping for an early retirement and a relaxing lifestyle after the excess of their youth.

Discussing his top priority for the future, Nathan enthused: "Sleeping."

However, they have some big hurdles to cross before they can relax since main songwriter Caleb is constantly seeking to compete with the success of other bands, as well as their own triumphs.

During an interview on UK station BBC Radio 1, he added: "I don't think we've written our masterpiece yet. I still strive for something that we haven't achieved yet. Every time I see a band come out and release and album I think, 'Man, I should have done that.'

"You always want your next album to be better than your last. It sucks when your last record was the biggest one you've done, it makes it tougher. We're very competitive, not only with ourselves, but with other bands. We're like, 'Loved your record, now we're going to try and beat that.' "

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