Emma Willis warns Big Brother hopefuls

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  • 25 May 2014
Emma Willis

Emma Willis

'Big Brother' host Emma Willis has warned people wanting to appear on the show that it doesn't guarantee fame, and pointed to Lee Ryan as an example of struggled to cope in the house

Emma Willis says 'Big Brother' won't turn everyone into a celebrity.

The TV beauty - who has been part of the reality show since 2010 -admitted she still gets a huge buzz from her job but sounded a warning to hopefuls thinking the programme will make them famous.

She told the Mail on Sunday newspaper's You magazine: "The last series had such a brilliant impact - it felt like everyone was watching it again. We do five days a week, for three months, live - jobs like that in TV are rare.

"The live aspect is terrifying, but I want to be scared - It stops me getting complacent ... I love [the housemates] - they're normally bonkers.

"But if you want to be a celebrity and you think 'Big Brother is going to do that for you, it's not. You either go on to win the money or for the experience."

However, Emma insisted it was a "ballsy" decision to appear on the programme's sister show 'Celebrity Big Brother', pointing to the likes of Lee Ryan who struggled to cope with being in the spotlight.

She said: "It's quite ballsy of some people do it it because it can ruin them ... Lee ... Lee ... he's a funny one.

"He's like a 14-year-old at school who is thinking with, erm. the wrong part of his body. He made great TV but he didn't really help himself."

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