Ingrid Laubrock & Liam Noble - album review (4 stars)

Ingrid Laubrock & Liam Noble

Let’s Call This . . . (Babel Label)


Saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock and pianist Liam Noble convene for an duet session that mixes entirely improvised material with freely-treated interpretations of standards and classic jazz tunes like Monk’s ‘We See’ and ‘Let’s Call This’, Mingus’ ‘Duke Ellington’s Sounds of Love’, Ellington’s own ‘Angelica’, and Lee Konitz’ ‘Subconscious-lee’.

Laubrock, best know for her involvement at the heart of the F-IRE Collective organisation, confines herself to soprano saxophone for this outing, and her sinuous, darting lines interweave with Noble’s strong and imaginative pianism in absorbing fashion, building a creative dialogue that they are able to sustain across the whole session. Four tracks are -as the credits put it - ‘genetically modified’ by Seb Rochford, and his subtle electronic manipulations add a touch of understated colour to the music.

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