Emma Willis and Rylan go naked together

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  • 23 May 2014
Emma Willis

Emma Willis

Emma Willis and Rylan Clark have become such good friends they don't mind getting their clothes in front of one another while working on 'Big Brother'

Emma Willis and Rylan Clark have become such good friends they're able to be naked around each other.

The 'Big Brother' presenters hit it off when Rylan won the January 2013 series of 'Celebrity Big Brother' and they've now formed a close bond after working together on ' Big Brother's Bit on the Side'.

Rylan explained: "She's my Wonder Woman, definitely. I walk into Emma's dressing room in my pants after I have a spray tan or whatever. Then Emma tries to do the ladylike thing and walks into the bathroom to get changed.

"But while I'm sitting there gossiping with her make-up artist or her hair stylist, the door will fly open and out comes Emma, pants halfway down and she goes, 'Ooh, I know!' and joins in the gossip. There's no censor with me and Emma any more."

The flamboyant star also revealed mum-of-two Emma - who has children Isabelle, four, and Ace, two, with husband Matt Willis - has a "filthy" vocabulary which she only ever uses on the 'Big Brother' companion show.

He told The Sun newspaper: "She's filthy! God, she's so rude. Emma's like a split personality. She's all 'good' on the main show one minute, then she comes on 'BOTS' and is like, 'F***ing hell!', and that's why it's such a great show."

Emma - who fronts both the main show and the spin-off - added: "Because I've got kids, I've got my mouth where I know not to swear and that's the same on TV. But then I've got my late-night mouth where I can let loose."

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