Alistair Griffin: Kimberley Walsh was a soldier on set

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  • 22 May 2014
Alastair Griffin and Kimberley Walsh

Alastair Griffin and Kimberley Walsh

Singer Alistair Griffin was impressed by pregnant Kimberley Walsh after she arrived on the set of their new video for track 'The Road' with a broken wrist

Alastair Griffin thinks pregnant Kimberley Walsh was a "soldier" on the video set for their new single.

The 36-year-old singer - who duets with the Girls Aloud star on his new track 'The Road' - was impressed when the heavily pregnant singer turned up for a promo shoot on a Yorkshire hillside with a broken wrist.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "The brilliant thing about her is it was all work from the outset and she was going to work right through to the live performances, video, the lot. All credit to her for that.

"There we were on a cold hillside in Yorkshire, she was pregnant and she had a broken wrist at the time. I think she just tripped when she was at home and fell over, she was incredibly laid back about the whole thing. It was just cold. She was a little bit cold. I was cold. She soldiered on."

Despite her injuries, Alistair credited the 'Biology' singer for bringing "glamour" to the shoot.

He said: "It was great working with someone like Kimberley. She's done a lot ... Girls Aloud, Strictly Come Dancing, [she's] a public figure and she brings a bit of glamour and magic dust to the whole record.

He added: "She's been cool to work with. We had great fun when we did the video. She was vary laid back about the whole thing."

'The Road' - which will be released next month - has been chosen as the official anthem to Yorkshire's 'Grand Depart - The Tour De France' and Alistair revealed Yorkshire-born Kimberley was top of the list of possible collaborators for the track.

He said: "I always had it as being a duet in mind, with a girl, and we wanted someone, a singer from Yorkshire, and Kimberley was top of the list.

"I'm waiting for the call from Cheryl but Kimberley has always been my favourite."

'The Road' will be released on June 30 through Elbow Grease Records. The video for the single can be seen at

Alistair releases new album 'From Nowhere' on July 7.

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