Wonderland (4 stars)


BBC2, Wed, 9.50pm


Being on the margins can be horribly uncomfortable, a conscious choice or a place to inhabit in blissful ignorance. All three scenarios crop up in this intriguing new BBC2 season. The Secret Life of Norman Wisdom Aged 92 3/4 (16 Jan) has already kicked things off, featuring the eternal boy-like icon of innocent British comedy. Now, he is isolated on the Isle of Man with his family squabbling over who should be taking care of the old guy before he makes too much of a nuisance of himself. The Man Who Eats Badgers and Other Strange Tales from Bodmin Moor (23 Jan) really gets things swinging with its focus on the lonesome men who inhabit this bleak patch of North Cornwall. Men such as Clifford, who left his family behind long ago to patrol the area in search of the infamous Beast, and Arthur, a former civil servant from Watford who has attracted crank callers, mortally offended by him gathering up roadkill for his supper.

The Madness of Dancing Daniel (6 Feb) is a relatively straightforward look at personality disorders and the difficulties in dealing with such individuals, but Virtual Adultery and Cyberspace Love (30 Jan) should raise most eyebrows. It features the obsessive types who wander around on Second Life, and in the case of suburban mom Carolyn, ignoring their own spouse and children to engage in distant relations with a twitchy Londoner who is keen to meet her in the flesh. You may want to strangle Carolyn or shake her husband Lee who appears impotent in the face of his wife’s virtual needs but it should surely ward you off dabbling in this tragic metaworld.


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2. Vole18 Jan 2008, 3:37pm Report

It's available online for the next few days via the BBC's iPlayer site.


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