Interview: artist Rachel Barron on being part of the Commonwealth Games' Culture 2014 programme

Interview: artist Rachel Barron on being part of the Commonwealth Games' Culture 2014 programme

Rachel Barron graduated from ECA in 2011. She recently exhibited at Meadow Mill Studios, Dundee, and has been selected for 20 for 14, part of the Commonwealth Games Culture 2014 project.

Tell us about your recent collaboration in Dundee.
That was a collaboration with Nathan Clydesdale, who I’ve been working with since 2011. Normally we work together to make printing devices, but this time the whole exhibition was a collaboration. I guess I also collaborate with the public on projects, which is really good – it’s almost a sharing of skills. You’re engaging with different people and seeing how they respond.

What’s it like being part of Culture 2014?
It’s amazing – I’m really excited about it. It’s the biggest thing I’ve been part of, so having the funding and being able to do such a big project as part of the Commonwealth Games is a real honour.

What are you making for it?
It’s across two venues, including the ladies’ pool at Govanhill Baths, which is a really beautiful space. I’m opening a kind of public print workshop at Hanson Street, where everyone is invited to come and make a print, which will then form part of a really huge installation at Govanhill. The work will be printed on fabric, so it’s inspired by the idea of flags and everyone coming together – hopefully international visitors and locals coming together to make a flag that marks this big, significant moment for Glasgow.

What’s next?
I’m moving to Gothenburg in Sweden but I’ll be back and forth to Glasgow. Potentially I’ll be taking time to develop my work without huge deadlines and public showcases – it’ll be quite nice to have a bit of time to research again and experiment.

Assemble: An International Print Workshop, The Wasps Factory, Glasgow, Sat 12 Jul–Sat 2 Aug; Govanhill Baths, Glasgow, Sun 20 Jul–Sat 9 Aug.

Loom: An Exhibition and Interactive Print Workshop

Artist Rachel Barron and designer Nathan Clydesdale present an interactive exhibition that examines Dundee's jute and textile history through print, sculpture and installation, with the opportunity for visitors to make their own geometric prints.

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