In memory of DJ Rashad: a beginner's guide to footwork

Featuring DJ Rashad, Traxman, Young Smoke, RP Boo, DJ Manny, DJ Spinn and more

In memory of DJ Rashad: a beginner's guide to footwork

Following the sad death of DJ Rashad in April, we’ve compiled an entirely not-at-all exhaustive list of ten footwork tracks people might like. Feel free to add to our list in the comments.

DJ Rashad – ‘Ghetto Tekz Runnin It’

Possibly the tune that will turn anyone onto footwork, a soulful Bobby Caldwell sample wrapped around some slinky, frantic bass action.

Chrissy Murderbot feat DJ Spinn – ‘Bussin’ Down’

Footwork is great party music, but isn’t normally overly playful. This infectious track marries the two with its hyperkinetic, day-glo cheeriness.

Traxman – ‘Footworkin on Air’

As close to a kind of zen-like footwork meditation as we are ever likely to get.

DJ Gant-Man – ‘Juke Dat Girl’

DJ Gant-Man’s big juke number sounds just like footwork when you crank that pitch up to the max.

Young Smoke – ‘Let Go’

Cosmic, bong-influenced, even introspective tune from the one of the emerging talents of footwork, Young Smoke.

DJ Earl – ‘Hit Da Bootz’

Hip hop is a large part in footwork in both texture and sampling, and in this rambunctious effort, young tearaway DJ Earl expertly combines both.

DJ Manny – ‘Sunshine’

A nice summery uplifting cut from the forthcoming album Tek Files Vol. 1 from Rashad collaborator and Teklife crew member.

RP Boo – ‘What’cha Gonna Do’

No list could be without pioneer RP Boo, and this stripped-down cut from his Legacy album is footwork distilled to its essential bare bones.

Ramadanman – ‘Work Them’

Not exactly footwork, but this brilliant number from the Hessle Audio co-founder shows how the genre has influenced bass music on this side of the globe.

DJ Rashad feat DJ Spinn – ‘Drank, Kush, Barz’

A now immortal refrain from Rashad’s Double Cup LP from last year: ‘We got drank, we got kush, we got barz in this bitch’. RIP.


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