Henrik Schwarz: DJ-Kicks - album review (4 stars)


Henrik Schwarz: DJ-Kicks (!K7)


As anyone who owns a DJ-Kicks CD will tell you, the label is a hallmark of a certain rare quality. Maverick producer Henrik Schwarz doesn’t diminish this fierce reputation in the slightest. His 23-track mix reflects the German’s impeccable, diverse taste, not to mention passion for a good groove, with typical flair, favouring a list of forgotten classics over current floor-burners. Schwarz has produced some of the more exciting dance music emerging over the past three years and his DJ sets are a similarly classy, unpredictable and cliché-free affair. He sounds genuinely fresh, and with his roots in soul, jazz, funk, house, techno and afrobeat unearthed here for everyone to enjoy, this DJ-Kicks shows exactly why.

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