Daylight (2 stars)


Despite randomly generated levels, this survival horror offers little replay value

Set in a crumbling, abandoned hospital, Daylight is a survival horror game reminiscent of Amnesia and Outlast. To ensure each playthrough is different, it procedurally generates levels – a rather hopeful feature since there’s very little to entice players to return.

The object of each section is to find a key to unlock your way out. With all the lights out, you must use glowsticks to see, and your mobile phone to map your progress. This is essential as each level is a maze of identikit rooms. Even with a map it’s a frustrating slog trying to find your way around.

Every now and then a witch will appear. The first few times they show up they’ll get right under your skin. But after a while, like most of the other mechanics, dealing with them becomes a chore.

Although notable as the first game to use Unreal Engine 4, the graphics are perfunctory and drab. If only more effort had gone into crafting an interesting environment rather than relying on the game to conjure its own random shocks.

Released for PC/PS4 by Atlus Publishing, out now.

Daylight PS4 Gameplay

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