Cilla Black: I almost cried at BAFTAs

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  • 19 May 2014
Cilla Black at the BAFTAs

Cilla Black at the BAFTAs

Cilla Black almost cried when the audience gave her a standing ovation at the British Academy Television Awards last night (18.05.14)

Cilla Black almost cried when she received a standing ovation at the British Academy Television Awards last night (18.05.14).

The 70-year-old presenter, who was honoured with the Special Award at the ceremony at London's Theatre Royal, admitted she was overcome with emotion on stage.

She told BANG Showbiz: "I nearly went tonight [and cried], when the whole of the audience stood up. I thought, 'This is for me?' I've been doing exactly what I've wanted to do all my life. For me, to have the whole audience stand up was amazing. It's a great honour to get the BAFTA."

The star, who will be played by BAFTA-winning actress Sheridan Smith in a new drama, claims she's only ever been herself and has never tried to be someone she isn't.

Cilla said: "My life is flashing before my eyes but to have someone in your own lifetime play you ... I feel so honoured and so pleased."

Asked if she wanted Sheridan to play a sexy version of her, she replied: "I'm not sexy ... really. God knows I've tried."

Cilla, who previously said she wanted to die at 75, admits she "lied" and presenter Sir Bruce Forsyth, who she bumped into at the BAFTAs, told her he wasn't impressed by her comments.

She said: "He told me off, he said, 'I heard you wanted to die at 75', and I said, 'I lied.' I said that four years ago. I did lie, now I'm in my 71st year.

"I've lived by the book being a star, not going out when you don't want to be seen. I can't stand people who say, 'I want my privacy', then they got to Mahiki [the London club]. Stay at home why don't you?"

The star, who has sons Robert, Ben and Jack with late husband Bobby Willis, also claims becoming a mother is what she is most proud of in her life.

She said: "I always wanted six children but then Bobby didn't agree, but I have three fabulous boys and they've all really done me proud. They'll all in the business behind the scenes in television and take care of me."

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