5 Reasons To Go See - British Sea Power

British Sea Power

1 Do You Like Rock Music? British Sea Power do, so much so that the Brighton foursome have called their rambunctious third album Do You Like Rock Music? In the case of the album, the answer is undoubtedly ‘yes’.

2 You can wave a flag The band’s new single, ‘Waving Flags’, is set to be a festival anthem this summer. As singer Scott Wilkinson puts it: ‘The aim of this record is to have Poles dancing with Slovaks, Romanians dancing with the Welsh, Arsene Wenger dancing with Alex Ferguson and everyone singing this song, all together and nice and drunk.’ Admirable.

3 They play in weird venues Their last tour included gigs in tearooms, caverns, a ferry and a church. The launch gig for the new single takes place in the Czech Republic Embassy in London. Sadly, the Scottish gig is in the more conventional Arches. Still good, likes.

4 They’re nicely bonkers In interview the lads have revealed obsessions with Field Marshal Montgomery and bird watching. Live shows often feature plastic foliage, stuffed birds, a ten-foot bear and WWII uniforms.

5 They’re the new-old-homegrown Arcade Fire BSP were doing that anarchic anthemic gospelly singalong indie epic stuff in Brighton years before them Canadians stole their thunder. So there.

Arches, Glasgow, Sat 26 Jan.

British Sea Power

Post-punk atmospherics from Brighton's British Sea Power who team up with Mirrorball for a screening of their own videos, a Q&A and they will perform new music to accompany a film screening. 'Part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival'.

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