Jacqueline Jossa is pleased people are inspired by Lauren Branning

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  • 17 May 2014
Jacqueline Jossa

Jacqueline Jossa

'EastEnders' actress Jacqueline Jossa is always moved when she meets soap fans who have been inspired by her character Lauren Branning's battle with alcoholism

Jacqueline Jossa finds it "incredible" when people are affected by Lauren Branning.

The 'EastEnders' star plays the wild youngster on the soap, and she has been moved by teenagers who have spoken to her about their own battles with alcoholism after seeing her character going through the same thing.

She told the Daily Express newspaper's Saturday magazine: "I went to the premiere of 'Plastic' and a girl came up to me and said she had gone through the same thing as Lauren and the storyline had helped her realise she had a problem.

"Things like that make it all worthwhile and you think, 'Wow, that's incredible.' "

The soap beauty admitted there is a concern Lauren could start drinking after the death of Lucy Beale, although she insisted the late girl's twin brother Peter wouldn't let it happen.

She said: "Yes, and she is worried too. Everyone is on edge, thinking about their own problems.

"If Lauren is left alone and doesn't get help, it could go wrong ... and it probably will ... I'm sure Peter wouldn't let her slip back."

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