Kultur Shock - album review (4 stars)

Kultur Shock

We Came to Take Your Jobs (Kool Arrow)


Insane Seattle-based collective Kultur Shock have been gathering Bosnian, Bulgarian, Japanese and American members for almost ten years now with the sole intention of mashing up the music of their homelands in hitherto unrealised perverse ways. A few albums down the line and collaborations with the mighty Jello Biafra and Joan Baez on their CV and this bunch of fiendishly inventive musicians are beginning to emerge as what The Pogues would be like if they were produced by Frank Zappa and had mentally unhinged primitive Yugoslav filmmaker Emir Kusterica as their front man. Needless to say this whole album is a punky, euphoric, feisty joy. Stand out tracks include ‘God is Busy’, ‘Istanbul’ and ‘Hashishi’.

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