Music from the Films of Martin Scorsese - CD review (5 stars)


Music from the Films of Martin Scorsese (Rhino UK)


There are some of us who just can’t hear The Chips’ ‘Rubber Biscuit’ or Cream’s ‘Sunshine of your Love’ without picturing Robert De Niro going berserk in a Manhattan pool hall (Mean Streets) or stomping on a wise guy’s head (Goodfellas). Martin Scorsese’s appropriation of contemporary music in some of modern film’s most memorable scenes has blazed a trail for video and movie directors alike.

And from his work on Woodstock to the recent blues and Dylan documentaries, few know pop better than Scorsese. Whisper it, but this two CD collection might actually be the best party album EVER. If you can suppress the visions of bloody mayhem.

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