Graham Norton: BAFTA TV 'can be a tough crowd'

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  • 17 May 2014
Graham Norton

Graham Norton

Chat show host Graham Norton has admitted it can be difficult to judge the crowd at the BAFTA TV Awards, and it can be hard finding the balance between entertaining both the live and TV and audiences

Graham Norton says the BAFTA TV Awards is a "tough crowd".

The chat show host will be presenting the ceremony for the eighth time tomorrow night (18.05.14), and he admitted it can be extremely difficult to figure out the "mood" of the audience.

He told The Sun newspaper's TV Magazine: "They can be a tough crowd. You can't judge the mood at BAFTA.

"Some years they're in a very good mood, some years apparently not. I don't know whether that's the mix of nominees, the weather, the venue..."

The 51-year-old star also opened up about the practical challenges with presenting award shows, particularly when he is performing to entertain not only the live crowd but also the TV audience watching at home.

He added: "I play to the audience in the room, but at the same time you are aware that no matter what happens, some of this is going to be on television, so you do have to remember the cameras and plough on through the silences.

"Sometimes you do a risque joke tat gets an 'ooh' from the audience, but as long as they're making a noise, I don't care."

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