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Destiny’s Child alumnus Kelly Rowland’s ‘Work’ (SonyBMG) ••• might be one for the ladies, but by endlessly declaring, ‘Put it in, do it do it’, she’ll no doubt be fuelling chauvinistic male debate on whether one would oblige, fearing it lessen the chances of bagging Ms Knowles. Another firm female favourite this fortnight is ‘the voice of early 2008’ with ‘Chasing Pavements’ (XL) •••. It is indisputably good, despite sounding like Natasha Bedingfield backed by Maroon 5, so expect radio listeners to be exhibiting signs of severe Adele Fatigue by March.

Another track that seems to have been around forever but is only being unleashed this fortnight is the re-return of Supergrass who come over all White Stripes on chest-bearing growler ‘Diamond Hoo Ha Man’ (Parlaphone) •••. And who can blame them? Surely more bands should. It’s a less welcome return for Underworld who take the Dragon’s Den background music to new heights of epic boredom in ‘Beautiful Breakdown’ ( ••. They’ll be gutted when they find out they’ve been out-dulled by Beroshima’s ‘Horizon: The Remixes’ (Soma) • which would have sounded tiresome 15 years ago when computers knew no better.

As ever, in times of need, it’s the loons that come good. Thao can gladly skip off with Single of the Fortnight for a nutty ukelele jangle that’s as mad as a ‘Bag of Hammers’ (Kill Rock Stars) ••••, though it appears restrained next to ‘Having A Ball’ (White Heat) •••, a discordant knees-up from Hot Chip gone brass, One More Grain. Only Hot Chip themselves could get away with ‘Ready For the Floor’ (EMI) ••••, which is infectious (arguably poxy) fluff-electronica, sounding more than ever as if beamed from Button Moon. Hookt-Up and their self-titled light jazz-funk demo (Demo) ••• also deserve a mention for being accomplished live if a little flat here. Which just leaves a festive number from How To Swim. To be fair to them they did put ‘Sleighbells (Christmas Makes Me Blue)’ (Demo) •••• our way before the season and we wouldn’t be showing ourselves up as behind the times but for the fact that this and the accompanying grandeur of ‘A Little Orgasm of Disappointment’ are genuinely top drawer. Lovely stuff.

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