Findo Gask, Someyoungpedro and How to Swim (4 stars)

Findo Gask, Someyoungpedro and How to Swim

Stereo, Glasgow, Fri 21 Dec


‘Twas a few nights before Christmas, and all sorts were stirring. How to Swim firstly – an eight-piece who have been bigged up by this publication plenty of times for their wailing, multi-instrumental cabaret-rock brilliance. The band even went to the effort of penning a seasonal cracker, ‘Sleighbells’, for the occasion. Did it feature sleigh bells I hear you cry? Well, does old Mr Claus enjoy a tipple?

Kicking an inflatable snowman at the crowd was as festive as Borders noiseniks someyoungpedro got, which was actually fairly Christmassy, one supposes, for a band whose set was the aural equivalent of Fugazi breaking into Steve Albini’s house on Christmas morning to steal his presents in all its thrashing, string ripping cruelty.

Headliners Findo Gask erred on the side of ice-cool electro dance pop, immaculate, like big J (lets not forget him now), in conception. OSCarr Records-released single ‘Va Va Va’ was their set’s frosty peak. Their sound has been compared to ‘Aled Jones singing Cocteau Twins’ – a description so appropriate to this review that it just had to be borrowed.

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