Interview: Wes Eisold of Cold Cave on touring with Nine Inch Nails

Interview: Wes Eisold of Cold Cave on touring with Nine Inch Nails

Photo: Amy Lee

'Trent Reznor made his own world. That's the goal right?'

Trent Reznor's Nine Inch Nails have always walked their own path but still managed to take industrial metal into the mainstream. Tracks like 'Head Like a Hole', 'Closer' and 'The Hand That Feeds' became unlikely MTV favourites. Then 'Hurt', Reznor's fragile tale of depression and self-loathing, had a second life with Johnny Cash's countrified cover in 2003 (though it's hard to beat the original for heartbreaking emotional honesty).

As the only official full time member, Reznor will be joined by Robin Finck (Guns N' Roses), Alessandro Cortini (SONOIO) and Iland Rubin (Lostprophets/Paramore) for this tour while Cold Cave will be supporting NIN across Europe. A darkwave synth project springing from the singular mind of Wesley Eisold, who used to front various hardcore acts including Give Up the Ghost and Some Girls. 'Being born with one hand I couldn't play guitar or bass or drums really so I decided to try making music with equipment I could play,' Eisold says of his transition from punk to electronica. 'I sang in hardcore bands in the past but wasn't writing music. I wanted it all and I wanted the challenge.'

A long-time admirer of Reznor's refusal to compromise ('He made his own world. That's the goal right?'), Cold Cave recently remixed a track for NIN. 'Trent wrote to me asking if I'd be into it and sent a few songs he had in mind,' explains Eisold. ''Running' I could hear instantly. I wanted this dancey Italo meets early industrial sound. Maybe that's a good description of Cold Cave: a harder disco.'

SSE Hydro, Glasgow, Tue 20 May.

Nine Inch Nails

American industrial rock and metal group out on tour to support latest album Hesitation Marks.

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