Beerjacket and Kate Sutherland (4 stars)

Beerjacket and Kate Sutherland

Brel, Glasgow, Thu 20 Dec


Katie Sutherland’s motivation for picking up a guitar was, she explains: ‘I wanted to do more than listen. I wanted to play. So I bought a Jim Deacon and taught myself guitar.’ It proves to have been a very wise decision, with her gorgeously gentle vocals providing a suitably intimate soundtrack to Brel’s candles and twinkling fairy lights at this Out to Play night. Life’s simpler pleasures also get a nod, as she introduces a song ‘about the good things in life: chips and cheese with curry sauce’. Her set’s highlight is ‘Because I Do’, and on a distantly-related note, headliner Beerjacket takes to the stage promising that ‘I’ll do anything you want. Within reason’. Yep, it’s request time! The audience is happy to oblige, and gets treated not only to Peter Kelly’s impeccable soaring, heartfelt voice, but also between-song anecdotes and a quick school disco dancing demonstration. Who says music can’t be educational? A stripped down version of ‘The Bar that Never Closes’ makes a compelling case for Brel never shutting its doors, or letting the requests end.

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