Rita Ora thrills fans at secret show

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  • 14 May 2014
Rita Ora arriving at Chiltern Firehouse

Rita Ora arriving at Chiltern Firehouse

Rita Ora wowed fans at an intimate gig at Mode in west London on Tuesday night (13.05.14) performing a short set of hits and her latest single 'I Will Never Let You Down'

Rita Ora wowed an intimate crowd at a secret gig in London on Tuesday night (13.05.14).

The 23-year-old pop star performed a short set of hits from her first album 'Ora' for competition winners at Mode in west London and latest single 'I Will Never Let You Down'.

During her rendition of 'How We Do (Party)' Rita's band played Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' as the singer jumped up and down on stage prompting her fans to do the same.

Rita joking told off her fans for not telling her she had bright rouge lipstick on her teeth and face.

Before fetching a tissue to clear up her make-up mishap, she said: "Oh guys, has it been on my face the whole time? Why didn't you tell me!"

Before playing her last song 'I Will Never Let You Down', Rita thanked fans for their support and told the noisy crowd they all had "loud mouths" like her.

As the concert came to an end purple ticker tape exploded from the ceiling covering the crowd.

Before leaving the stage Rita - who is dating Calvin Harris - posed for several selfies with her fans and was showered with various gifts including a T-shirt.

She later took to Twitter to praise the fans who came to watch her, writing: "Thank you for winning tickets to my secret gig BOTS! #back2westlondon #iwillneverletyoudown (sic)"

Later in the evening, the singer - who had changed from her stage outfit into a red floral print dress - headed to the Chiltern Firehouse hotel, bar and restaurant for drinks.

Rita Ora

British pop R&B diva who has scored some huge hits with RIP and How We Do (Party).

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