Plain White T's

Plain White T's

Barrowland, Glasgow, Fri 25 Jan


Dave Tirio is asleep. Fifteen minutes after the interview is scheduled to start he’s probably dreaming about number ones and sell-out tours. But these things are fast becoming more than dreams for the guitarist and his Chicago cohorts.

After touring America the Plain White T’s are embarking on a sell-out UK tour before heading for the rest of Europe then, possibly, the world. ‘We haven’t really got a chance to do a headline tour since the radio blew up ‘Delilah’ . . . that’s going to be one of the most exciting tours we’ve ever done,’ he enthuses upon waking.

He’s quite right about ‘Delilah’ being the key. Despite having been around for a decade it was the re-release of love ditty ‘Hey There Delilah’ in spring 2007 that shot them onto the stereos of daydreaming romantics. Now the first single ‘Hate (I Really Don’t Like You)’ from current album Every Second Counts is getting airplay and things are finally happening.

Along with ‘really hooky, catchy, simple, fun songs’ he cites their sense of humour as key to their appeal: ‘Even when we do get really angry in a song it’s still kind of funny, like that song ‘Hate’ was. That’s the most aggressive song we have but what it’s basically saying is “I’m too nice to be really mean to you”.’

And with those positive thoughts he heads back to bed. But is he adhering to the band’s implied dress-code? – ‘Oh no! I’m not . . . I’m wearing a grey T-shirt with little skinny yellow stripes – it’s a little bit different’.

Plain White T's

Over-14s show. North Carolina punk popsters now making rapid inroads to the UK charts.

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