Many-aliased German producer Rene Pawlowitz presents 'a visceral, dancefloor-focused sound'

Many-aliased German producer Rene Pawlowitz presents 'a visceral, dancefloor-focused sound'

Photo: Will Bankhead

The techno-house-ambient producer is also known as Shed, Head High, WK7, STP, EQD & Panamax Project

Commonly known as Shed, mainly because it was simply his first major alias, German producer Rene Pawlowitz chose the name to tie in with the title theme of his own first album Shedding the Past, which was released on Ostgut Ton in 2008. It’s a sentiment which has informed the way he’s chosen to be identified through the rest of his career, because many of his other explorations in house, techno and thoughtful ambient have appeared under a plethora of further aliases, including WK7, STP, EQD and Panamax Project.

For this first Edinburgh booking, however, the city’s Substance night has secured his Scottish debut under the name Head High, which he freely admits is his alias of choice (well, this and WK7) for making ‘banging house music’ straight out of the 1990s. There’s something of the style of old-school German night and label Tresor to the three minimal twelves he’s released under this name in the last few years, except more soulful in their pounding insistence.

‘He’s one of the most important electronic artists producing out of Berlin today, and we're beyond pleased to be hosting his Edinburgh debut,’ says Substance co-promoter Adam Richardson. ‘A visceral, dancefloor-focused sound should be expected here, taking big cues from honest, emotive, early 90s “power house” and breakbeat.’ Party music, in other words, but paying homage to the breadth of material Pawlowitz and all his names have brought us over the years.

Substance at the Bongo Club, Edinburgh, Fri 16 May.


Edinburgh's long-running underground techno party.

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