Oran Mor, Glasgow, Sun 27 Jan


Stars describe their music as ‘melodramatic popular song’, an accurate if tongue-in-cheek description of the grandly-monikered In Our Bedroom After the War, released last year. But Stars’ emotional rawness and heart-on-sleeve sincerity has struck a chord with listeners, and their current tour sees them filling larger venues and venturing further afield.

There is something about In Our Bedroom . . . that sets it apart from Stars’ previous releases, a more honed feel coupled with big themes – love, war, love in the midst of war. Amy Millan and Torquil Campbell’s soft twin vocals, always affecting, have a new insistence.

‘Our biggest thing before making this record was trying to make the live show come across more,’ Millan explains, ‘A lot of the past records have been done in patches like a quilt, whereas this record we were all there all the time, and we did a lot of stuff live off the floor and we all kind of came together on this record more than we have on any other one.’

Whatever they’re doing, it seems to be working, with Campbell describing the last few shows as a ‘where the fuck did all you people come from tour?’ This new recognition was daunting however. ‘I don’t think it’s possible to change what we have already become. It’s like being in a relationship: if you have put in the time before you actually get married then you’ve got some substantial roots to stand on.’

Stars have certainly put in the time, and now that they’re on the cusp of greatness, the band show few signs of slowing up.

‘We started touring this record in September and I’ll start recording my next solo project in probably June. My continuing goal for the next few years is to try to have the courage to portray the kind of gregariousness we have on stage and bring it to the record.’


Canadian electro indie outfit play material from their new album No One Is Lost.

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