Spencer Matthews: Stephanie fling meant nothing

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  • 13 May 2014
Spencer Matthews and Stephanie Pratt

Spencer Matthews and Stephanie Pratt

'Made in Chelsea' lothario insists his recent fling with Stephanie Pratt in Venice meant nothing and he still has feelings for Emma Miller

Spencer Matthew insists his recent fling with Stephanie Pratt meant nothing.

The reality TV lothario incurred the wrath of his current love interest Emma Miller in last week's episode of 'Made in Chelsea' after it emerged he had locked lips with his American ex-girlfriend during a trip to Venice, but Spencer is adamant the tryst was no big deal.

He told new! magazine: "Stephanie and I were really drunk and we had a bit of fun. It's hilarious. The kiss didn't mean anything. We didn't hook up behind Emma's back because I still fancy Steph, we hooked up because I was so drunk I couldn't see."

Despite feeling humiliated by Spencer, Emma admits they are once again on friendly terms.

She said: "He apologised. At the moment we're still enjoying hanging out. We've always been more than just friends but you have to be careful if you want to be an official girlfriend with him. You have to be really sure."

Meanwhile, Emma thinks former 'The Hills' star Stephanie is more at fault for the drunken moment.

She added: "I felt Stephanie had come in with a game plan. She said he was awful and he cheated on his girlfriends and asked what I saw in him, then all of a sudden she's in bed with him. Maybe she was saying all that stuff to put me off."

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